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1200W DC Power Supply S1200
Power Supply


²  Acive PFC, AC 90-265V worldwide use

²  Programming output voltage from 11.5 to 24.5V

²  Digital display output voltage and current on time

²  3 outputs can do more chargers simultaneously

²  3 Intelligent cooling fans controlled by temperature

²  Over current ,over voltage,over load,over temperature and short circuit protection

²  24 months warranty

Left side

Right side

AC input

Power switch

Output*3 Note


State LED


Voltage LED

ADJ. Voltage Adj

Note: the current of each output should not over 30A.


The Powerful digital programming power supply is applied to any device with DC in 12-24V, It is designed special for high power charger and balancer charger applied to RC model.



Input Voltage Range


Output Voltage Range


Input Frequency


Output Current





94% (note 1)

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Safety Standards


Over Protection


EMC standards


EN55022, EN61000-3-2

EN61000-3-3, EN55024

Cooling Method

Forced Air Cooling By Built-In DC Fan

Dimension(L X W X H)

286 X 145 X 68mm


2.3Kg without input cable

Note1: at 60% load and 220V input


l  Never leave the adapter unattended when it is connected to charger. If any malfunction is observed  immediately terminated charging and refer to the operation instructions.

l  Keep away the unit from dust, damp, rain, heat direct sunshine and vibration. Do not drop it.

l  Then adapter and the charger to be charged should be set up on a head-resistant, non-inflammable and non-conductive surface. Never place them on a car seat, carpet or similar.

l  Keep all the inflammable volatile materials well away from operating area.

l  Do not attempt to charge any types of battery including below:

Lead acid battery or VRLA, NIMH/NICD battery pack, Li-ion, LiPo or LiFe battery

Limited warranty                                                                    

l  S1200 is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two calendar years from date of purchase. Your selling dealer is your first point of contact for warranty issues. Return postage costs are the responsibility of the users in all cases. Submit copy of original receipt with the return.

l  This warranty does NOT cover the damage due to wear, overloading, physical shock (dropping on the floor, etc), incompetent handling or using incorrect accessories. If there is damage stemming from these causes within the stated warranty period, the company will, at its option, repair or replace the charger for a service charge not greater than 50% of its then current retail list price.

Note: The manufacturer requires the user to be notified of any change or modification made to this device.

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